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Criteria for Project Selection

Texas Department of Transportation has approved rules that govern the criteria by which the Safe Routes to School projects will be judged. See application form (Word Document) for how to provide information on your project.
  • Identification of current and potential walking and bicycling routes to school
  • The demonstrated need of the applicant
  • Identification of safety hazards
  • The potential of the proposal to reduce child injuries anmd fatalities
  • The potential of the proposal to encourage walking and bicycling among students
  • Support for the project by the community and interested parties
  • Identification of detailed construction costs
  • Compliance with design criteria established by the responsible division
Additional consideration will be given to applications that:
  • demonstrate a link to a comprehensive traffic safety plan and have secured additional funding or other resources to extend the beneficial effect of the proposed project
  • Include other factors relating to the proposed project deemed necessary to promote pedestrian and bicycle safety of children in and around school areas

Evaluation Committees

The rules allow two committees to evaluate Safe Routes to School projects. One will be made up of TxDOT personnel from different disciplines and departments. The other will be six Texas citizens who have agreed to serve on the Bicycle Advisory Committee. The ranking of all projects will be delivered to the Texas Transportation Commission who will make the final choice.

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