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What Projects are Eligible
for TxDOT Safe Routes to School Funding?

When is it going to happen?

Link for a current timeline.

Who may apply?

The proposed TxDOT rules say projects will only be accepted from political subdivisions. That means that school communities will have to work with the city or county to submit a proposal to TxDOT. But many projects will be done locally and will not require TxDOT funding.

How to submit a proposal

The proposal must be submitted to the District Engineer in the proper TxDOT District Office, using the application form prescribed by the department and must be submitted within the deadline. Applications and the rules for submission and selection will be available at each district office and at the division office in Austin and on this web site.

The following rules determine what projects can be submitted:
  • Projects may be located on- or off-system but must be located on public property
  • Must be located within a two mile radius of a school
  • Project cost will be limited (currently to $500,000 but this may change with the call in August)
  • Projects can cover multiple school sites if similar work is performed at each site
  • Local project funding match of 20% is required unless the project is located on the state highway system in which case TxDOT will provide the match
  • A project on the state highway system will not be eligible if the district finds that the project interferes or disrupts any planned improvements or existing infrastructure
There are six categories of projects that are eligible for funding under the Texas Safe Routes to School program:
  1. Sidewalk Improvements
  2. Pedestrian/Bicycle Crossing Improvements
  3. On-Street Bicycle Facilities
  4. Traffic Diversion Improvements
  5. Off-Street Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements
  6. Traffic Calming Measures for Off-System Roads
Follow the links to review the items that are allowed under of these six categories.

Click on picture to see additional photos of Sidewalk Improvement projects

Sidewalk Improvements

New Sidewalks
Widened sidewalks
Sidewalk gap closures
Sidewalk repairs
Curb cuts for ramps
Curbs and gutters

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Click on picture to see additional photos of Crossing projects

Pedestrian/Bicycle Crossing Improvements

New or upgraded traffic signals
Pavemark markings
Traffic signs
Pedestrian/bicycle over- and under-crossings
Flashing beacons
Traffic signal phasing extensions
Bicycle sensitive actuation devices
Pedestrian activated signal upgrades
Sight distance improvements

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Click on picture to see additional photos of On-Street Bicycle projects
On-Street Bicycle Facilities

New bicycle lanes
Upgraded bicycle lanes
Widened outside lanes
Widened roadway shoulders
Geometric improvements
Turning lanes
Traffic signs
Pavement markings

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Click on picture to see additional photos of Traffic Diversion projects

Traffic Diversion Improvements

Improved pick-up/drop-off areas
Separation of pedestrian/bicyclists from vehicular traffic adjacent to school zones or designated routes to a school

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Click on picture to see additional photos of Off-Street projects
Off-Street Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements

Exclusive multi-use bicycle or pedestrian trails and pathways

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Click on picture to see additional photos of Traffic Calming projects
Traffic Calming Measures for Off-System Roads

Traffic circles
Curb extensions at intersections
Center islands
Full and half street closures
Other speed reduction techniques

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